Seed Packets Project

The objective of this project is to create a series of seed packets and use the mesh tool in Illustrator as a key component.

Mind Map: I really don’t know which direction I want go to yet but this exercise was really helpful to get my ideas flowing.

Mood Board: I am doing a Christmas theme- one packet will be Christmas cookies, one will be a glass of milk, and the other will be carrots for Rudolph. I’m really excited to get started on this project!
First Draft: I got a lot of helpful feedback from the critique, some of it I had anticipated and other things I didn’t even take notice to. I will be working to change the illustrations to make them more unified. I also have some grammatical issues to change on the back of the packets. I’m overall happy with the layout and color scheme and the comments I received agreed with that.
Revision: The one that I most drastically changed was the carrots one; I changed the illustration in order to have it feel more unified among the set. I added the straw to the cup of milk so it wasn’t just sitting there. During critique, I was told to try a different font for the type of packet and to make a few other minor changes.
Final: I will be mounting the three fronts to the seed packets, and making a whole packet out of the Cookies. I am overall happy with the changes I’ve made, everyone gave me really great solutions to the problems I was having and suggestions on how to push my final piece to the best it could be. This project definitely put me out of my comfort zone, I usually like things very orderly and I’m better with typography-driven projects than I am with illustration. I also learned to use some different tools in Illustrator that I had no previous experience with.

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