Site Recreation

Each of us had to recreate an existing website, mimicking it the best we could. At first, I saw my website ( and was pretty overwhelmed. I took the time to problem solve, breaking down the site into the components I knew I could deal with and putting the other things to the side at first. Then, I had to figure those things out. By looking around on the web, I was able to find some tutorials and forums that answered the questions that I had. I used Google Web Fonts to match the typography of the existing site, I got most of it but there were some I was unable to find. Towards the end of the process, I was getting a little frustrated because the rollover links at the bottom of the site wouldn’t change colors according to the style I was implementing. Eventually, a little changed fixed it and they were working properly. This was a really helpful exercise because it forced me to problem solve and understand how a site is put together, and being that my site was a designer’s portfolio, he obviously made his final design for a reason so it was really gratifying completing the task.

My Recreated Site

The Original Site

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