Magazine Cover

Mind Map: The objective of this project is to create a single magazine cover from something that we’re interested in. I’d like to do something fictional, something that wouldn’t be obvious that I’m interested in like design or photography. Something like… Serial Killers!
I started to realize that the elements of my cover design were not working together. So I turned to an already existing magazine for inspiration. GQ has the style and concept I was looking for – a man of the year type cover, very clean with a few feature stories. I implemented elements from the magazine and I found the typeface that’s used for the article titles (Foundry Gridnik). Here are the elements that I put together in Illustrator:

Here is the direction that my cover is going in:

I still need to add a background image that I’ve taken. I’m going to try to find something very subtle. I also have an image that I took for my previous idea of red food coloring dripping so that it looks like blood, so I might try to implement that somehow if the background texture is too much.

Final Cover: I made the “blood” in the background by mixing together corn syrup, maple syrup, and red food coloring and then dripping it various ways and taking photographs. Like I previously stated, I scanned the image of Dexter and added the halftone in Photoshop. I created the text boxes and shapes in Illustrator and then added the type in InDesign. I am happy with the end product, a lot of people have been able to tell that it’s mimicking GQ magazine which was my inspiration. I feel like it’s relevant to the topic I chose but I didn’t go in the horror film/gore direction, I stuck with a more classy, sophisticated look.

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