Designs for Development

Our illustration class is participating in the Designs for Development competition run through the non-profit organization Roots of Development. There is so much being said and debated about the disaterous incidents in Haiti. Most of the imagery that we see of Haiti, even before the earthquakes, have been filled with poverty and distruction, which does exist, but by no means is that the only side of Haiti. So, with that said, I wanted to make my project centered on the beauty of design/decor within Haiti amidst so many spectrums of heartache. Even in the smallest of homes, you will find bright and spicy colors that I am sure brings joy to their families, even when times are bad. It just goes to show that home really is where the heart is and no matter what type of abode you are given, you should always make it beautiful for yourself and for those who live within it…true thankfulness at it’s best! Most of the homes here were adorned with: rust orange, mustard/golden yellow, cobalt, turquoise blue, seafoam green, rose, brown, and of course green. I am also going to use different sized hands to represent the family and community. I’m challenging myself to use a different illustration style then I’m used to!

This is the final product that I came up with (this is KILLING the colors!) and WHO KNEW I would go on to win first place in the Pep La (voter’s choice) Competition! So my friends and I packed up and headed to Washington DC where the classiest of classy events was being held at the Studio Theater. Here is a photo of myself, my roommate (who placed 2nd) and another lad from Haiti who placed in a different competition. Such a great night!

And then on top of that my illustration was printed on canvas bags and sold at Whole Foods stores in the DC area and also online on the Roots of Development website! ( What an awesome experience for such a great cause! Design for good! 🙂


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