NHTSA Info Graphic

I have decided to use this chart for my information graphic. It is from the NHTSA website so the information in valid and credible. I thought it was really interesting how high the percentage of people is that are killed in alcohol related automobile accidents throughout all times of the day. There are probably great deals of people that think that they are sober enough to drive, being the time of day.
I felt a connection to this specific topic because I have only had one person in my family pass away thus far in my life, my cousin’s husband, when I was in middle school. We were at a Memorial Day picnic and he had gotten into an argument with his wife after having been drinking all afternoon and decided to leave. He ended up rolling his car off the side of the highway, being ejected from the sunroof and immediately killed, because he was drunk driving… in the middle of the day.
I also think that the statistics on this website about wearing seatbelts is very informative because so many people believe that wearing a seatbelt will do more harm then good for themselves or their passengers if they would get into an accident and the statistics clearly prove that wrong. I wish there would be statistical overlap of drunk drivers who were wearing or not wearing their seatbelts but I can see how that would be hard to gather.
I plan to demonstrate this information in graphic form by using the times of day compared to the total percent of alcohol-impaired driving. I didn’t think it was necessary to separate the single and multiple vehicle categories. I think that this information is intriguing and something that a lot of people tend to overlook because there are people coming home from bars and clubs at all hours of the night and early morning, people on their lunch breaks from work in the afternoon who may have been drinking, and the same with dinner time. It makes sense that this information would change seasonally; as with my cousin’s husband, more picnics and outside drinking gatherings happen in the warmer months of the year, which would increase the number of accidents during the day.


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