First Try at After Effects

Objective: Using only patterns and textures, and 5-7 words (centered, not moving), describe a dream you’ve recently had.

My dreams are a lot simpler then others I’ve heard of. Usually, I’m inside my own body, just walking somewhere. I’ve had dreams that my body looks different, but I’m always myself. For this project, I am using a frequent dream I’ve had of walking around a city. Not really going anywhere, just walking casually. Not being chased like many others dream about. I think this is a reoccurring dream lately because I’m hoping to move to a city after I graduate at the end of the semester. Also, I tend to dream in black and white. Sometimes even a very high contrast black and white. I think this is because I love old pictures of my grandparents and anything from “back in the day” and I think it would be so neat to see things the way society was forced to see them back then, much simpler. Our lives are so consumed with technology and stimuli that I think seeing things how those pictures are, in black and white, would be a good change of pace for a while.

As far as words go, something like wander, drift, or roam (interesting, unpredictable, exciting, alive – all things pertaining to city life). Like I said, these are not threatening dreams, I’m not running or scared or anything like that. Just pleasantly walking no where.

Finished video sequence (link to YouTube)


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