Mapping Info Graphic

For my mapping project, I decided to show my design process for a single project. This is a bit different from other ideas because it doesn’t involve a long period of time or a distance of any sort, but I think the process that I go through in designing a project is really unique. I have OCD, which is very much a part of the way I design from beginning to end, in researching and mind mapping, the start of production, down to the final product (examples: time spend mind mapping, number of times looked at Pinterest, programs used, total time on project, etc.). I would like to show this by taking a picture of myself, possibly the top of my head, and showing the process as a mind map of sorts above my head. I collected resources that I would like to mimic in concept and style. (Also, I’ll be titling my project “Obsessive Compulsive Designer”… I think, if that helps.)

This is an advertisement by one of my favorite companies, 160over90. It’s a series for The Athlete’s Foot shoe company which displays photos of athletes and sneakers and then has handwritten text featured over and behind them. I like how it interacts with the photo and seems like an integral part of it, not a separate entity. If the boy himself was illustrated, or the type was graphic, it wouldn’t have the same effect. I would like to incorporate handwritten text like this into my project.

I found a blog of entirely of pictures of organized objects that I LOVE. Once I have all of the information compiled, I would like to arrange it in this way. I think this reads really well and would be the easiest for whoever is looking at my project to understand.

Final Draft:


This is my final mapping project. I changed the title so it makes more sense, because a lot of the feedback I got said that it didn’t relate to OCD, just being organized and having an in-depth process. I also gave the colors meaning, green (aside from the title) are negative things, and pink are positive things. The information is all relative to my design process and how much I value the process. I think that anyone viewing this who doesn’t know me would be able to tell a lot about me by the photo and the data collected.


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